Vegetarian or carnivore households?

“In a mixed vegetarian-carnivore marriage, should the kids get meat at home?”

In today’s society where there is much focus on health and different fad diets, such as the latest “paleo” craze, an article that combines parenting and health is interesting.

This article is different to a headline article normally found on the homepage of Boston Globe; it comprises a question that discusses the challenges of bringing up children in a household that has both a vegetarian and a carnivore, which is followed by responses by two Globe correspondents.

The first response is by David, who discusses the concerns of bringing meat into the house. The second response is by Kara, offering a female perspective. The two accounts are divided nicely in the middle, with a toolbar that offers “The Weekender” email subscriptions. Though it is not relevant to the article, it is relevant to the site.

The article doesn’t integrate multimedia other than a large picture at the top of the site, showing a young girl eating a salad and looking contemplative. This is successful in reflecting the content of the article and grabs the reader’s attention. As mentioned, there is no other feature in the piece. This image is shown below:

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 12.48.07.png

The coverage is interesting and is unique to the Globe in that the question is answered by two correspondents.

To drive traffic, the Globe has a list of hyperlinks on the right-hand-side of the article of the “Top 10 Trending Articles”, to allow readers to browse other articles of relevance and interests. The design of the article is simple and straight forward, allowing for readers to easily understand the content. The aforementioned toolbar splits the two accounts, ensuring more clarity.

Though there is a comment section, there are no comments as of yet, since it was recently published. The bottom of the article explains to the reader the nature of the two correspondents, giving a short blurb of their titles and, additionally, giving their social media handles, which also adds to the traffic/social networking outreach.


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