*Boston* Fried Chicken

What draws my eye towards a story faster than anything else is undoubtedly a picture of food. There’s no way to deny that. So, naturally, when a piece of fried chicken made its way to the homepage of Boston.com, I clicked on the story.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 14.17.26.png

Above is the image of the fried chicken, used both on the homepage and on the post.

The post showcases the top 10 venues to order fried chicken from in Boston, with the data deriving from the popular food ordering company ‘GrubHub’. The angle of this post focuses on the increasing desire for comfort food, as the days grow shorter, darker, and colder, and the specific demand for fried chicken.

10 locations are offered, with hyperlinks to the GrubHub menus and online ordering forms, and then a hyperlink to the location on Google Maps. The venues are listed in list form from one to 10.

As mentioned, the image of the fried chicken has the ability to draw in the reader and lure them into clicking on the post. The post offers a well-written introduction to the food craze, however, the post fell short of many features that would have made it a more striking and effective online journalism post.

Other than the one single image, the post had no more visual features to draw in the eye of the reader. There was one hyperlink that lead to another Boston.com post that had relevance by association, which is a feature that increases traffic. Despite also giving the hyperlinks to map locations, an alternative would be to offer one map with each place pinned to it, to give an idea of where in town the venues are. This would be another way to interact multimedia. Other than the hyperlinks, there are no other features. Additionally, there are a low number of tags and only offered ‘food’ and ‘restaurants’. Finally, though there is no comment section, the site transfers well to mobile platforms.

To improve this piece other than introducing a wider scope of a map, pictures of each venue and its food/dishes would be effective and would make the general post improve in appearance.


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