Hurricane Matthew, the category 5 deadly cyclone, ruthlessly ripped through the Western Atlantic, taking the lives of 1,039 victims and wreaking havoc on Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and parts of the eastern United States coast.

In the midst of devastation, there is a shining light: Jane Waterous.

The Canadian artist’s work is a depiction of the “courage it takes to Live, Laugh & Love.” Her pieces celebrate life, the Human Spirit, the character of solitude and harmony, and the essence of calm. This notion of calmness, though seemingly nonexistent in moments of catastrophe and disaster, is essential. The unity of people through hope and love is what leads to recovery.

#ShareTheLove is a beautifully composed short video, depicting the unity of people in Paradise Island, the Bahamas, in the wake of the fatal tropical cyclone:

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