Heart Chase: We’re paintin’ the town RED

The American Heart Association, founded in 1924, is an organisation whose mission to build healthier lives and eliminate cardiovascular diseases. As the nation’s largest and oldest organisation to voluntarily combat heart disease, AHA has been actively fighting to improve lives, with the support of currently more than 22.5 million volunteers and supporters.
On Saturday, October 1st, ‘Heart Chase’ came to Boston. The community adventure fun race consists of a mapped course, taking participants through the city of Boston completing a series of activities and collecting points to, essentially, ‘chase away’ heart disease for good.
Despite dreary conditions and the persistent spatters of rain, runners from Boston University completed the course, navigating their path and tracking their performance on the Heart Chase mobile app.
With my raincoat’s hood tied to the brim of my face, layers of sweaters underneath, and my phone in hand, I completed the course with four teammates. Take a look below:



Trainers and raincoats: this year’s ‘Heart Chase’ essentials


Checkpoint 4: participants check off a stop and prepare to complete the activity


One of the many eager volunteers of the day’s event, sporting her AHA t-shirt


Another checkpoint’s activity: to guess the number of calories and nutritional value in each item of food


After the guessing game came the challenge of running 140 steps in as little time as possible



After running through Northeastern campus, Brookline, and Back Bay, participants took on Fenway’s neighbourhood in search of the next checkpoint

It was a successful, yet incredibly wet, day of Heart Chase. We’ll be back next year! #JO304

With thanks to the American Heart Association and all the efforts put in by the volunteers for this event.




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